Alpina Ximo Kask Dzieci zielony/czerwony DUDPBQ

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Przepraszamy, ale opis produktu w języku polskim jest w tej chwili niedostępny. Pracujemy nad tym.

In order to provide it, the ALPINA XIMO has an extended, low rear section. The air vents do not allow direct sunlight to reach the head yet still provide ample ventilation. The flat design at the back makes it ideal for use with children's bike seats and trailers. High visibility is guaranteed reflective stickers on the helmet surface.

Airflow VentsAssures optimal ventilation and cooling.

Inmold TecOffer clearly more safety than spot-bonded helmets.

HI-EPSThe inner shell of the Inmold helmet is made of HI-EPS (High Expanded Polystyrol).

ErgomaticAll ALPINA helmets are equipped with Ergomatic strap buckles.

Y-ClipGuarantees optimal adjustment with millimeter-accuracy.

Ceramic ShellCeramic is the name for the outer shell of all ALPINA helmets featuring INMOLD. Manufacturing technology.

Fly NetFor protection against insect bites.

Run System Classic SlideThis adjustment system is specially made for children's heads and provides an additional, free-running headband in the helmet interior for a firmer hold.

Reflector + Reflective logoReflective webbings and stickers attract attention and provide more protection.

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