Viking Europe Grace Rękawiczki Kobiety szary NONVXE

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Przepraszamy, ale opis produktu w języku polskim jest w tej chwili niedostępny. Pracujemy nad tym.

Gore WindstopperExtremely light membrane produced from expandered PTFE (politetrafluroetylen). Its microporous structure both stops the wind and allows the molecules of water vapour to vent easily outside. Windstopper laminates have permeability of less than 11 l/m²/s and the breathability lower than 50 Ret. They are classified as materials with high breathable capacities. Providing excellent protection against wind and keeping the body’s warm microclimate, they are perfect for sport and leisure activities at any weather conditions.

HyperloftIt is an extremely light and highly elastic material, an excellent barrier against the lost of warmth through the skin. At the same time does not allow cold air penetrate inside the glove. Practically, it does not absorb any moisture.

Extra WarmThe product guarantees high thermal comfort, even in the most unfavourable weather conditions, thanks to insulation, membranes or materials with a higher thermal capacity.

Water ResistantA product equipped with increased resistance to the penetration of water to the interior of the garment, thanks to a membrane or waterproof coating.

Wind ResistantThe product is equipped with a membrane which prevents or greatly reduces the penetration of cold wind to the garment’s interior.

BreathableThe product is characterised high breathability, thanks to the use of materials that draw water vapour molecules to the outside surface of the garment.

Dodatkowe informacje

  • made of abrasion-resistant Peterson material
  • with 2-layer wind stopper
  • with Hyperloft insulation
  • reinforced palm
  • fine, feminine embroidery
  • Produkt posiada normalne wielkości
  • Prosty krój dający normalną swobodę ruchu

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Viking Europe Grace Rękawiczki Kobiety szary NONVXE
PLN1,161.64  PLN386.09
Oszczędzasz: 67%
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